Colours add vibrancy and energy to a grey, gloomy day.

Often, we trudge along: we know the drill, we know what to do.

Sometimes, we could use a little help, for a refreshing start to a change you want.

Like introducing some colours that have been missing in your life,

or changing the lenses on how we see or envisioning a new landscape.

Let me walk with you or your team.

Together, we can pave the path for your journey to transform.

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Individual Counselling

One-on-one online counselling sessions via a secured and end-to-end encryption video-conferencing platform. Or through through emailing or instant text messages. Get in touch to find out which medium can meet your needs. My counselling approach is eclectic: we work collaboratively to find what works for YOU. You decide on your goals, whether they concern your mental health needs, your personal development or a toolkit to help you cope better or work more effectively.

Individual/ Group Clinical Supervision

I’m trained with the Australian Online Therapy Training to provide clinical supervision online. We would work collaboratively for your professional development as a therapist.

Customised Self-Care Workshop

Are your team members burning out? Showing symptoms of compassion fatigue? I can customise an online workshop for teams, up to 12 individuals, based in Singapore looking for rejuvenation and seeking to inspire team support. Workshop participants would walk away with a self-care plan and learn more self-care strategies for themselves and also strategies to show care for their colleagues.

Testimonials from Participants of Self-Care Workshops

“Thank you Steph, for creating and holding a safe and respectful space for us to reflect on our self care practices and to support us to understand each others perspective, develop empathy for each other and move forward to improve on our own understanding of our self care needs both individually and as a team.”

“Hi Steph, thank you so so much for doing this for us. You’re always great at making the group feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important for this topic! I think you are great at sensing the dynamic of the group, understanding questions, and empathising with the sharing of the group and turning it into opportunities for reflection and actionable steps. I feel that we are actually having a sort-of open conversation with you rather than a one-sided facilitation. The Zoom session was interactive despite the limitations of being at home. Thanks again!”

“Steph’s training always gives time to self reflect and reflect as a team. She holds the space very beautifully for everyone to share in a safe manner and you walk out feeling good about yourself. She keeps us engaged with laughter, with affirmations, inviting people to respond to each other, etc. She also shared the responsibility of self-care between the organisation (practices that influence individual factors) and also individuals (practices that affect team and the organisational culture). Overall it was a great training and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking at promoting self-care in their teams.”

“Stephanie is a fantastic trainer – she is extremely professional, puts in a lot of effort and thought to ensure the relevance of the training that she does. She facilitates difficult discussion topics and difficult questions with sensitivity, humour and wisdom – a lethal combination. I personally love all her trainings!”

Let’s walk together, step by step.


The information provided on this website cannot substitute help for emergency crisis situations. Therapeutic services provided by Autumn Steps is not a crisis service.

If an emergency situation arises, or you have a very serious request, where you may be a danger to yourself or others, please go to the hospital nearest to you, call the police at 999 or call the 24-hour Samaritans of Singapore helpline at 1800-221-4444.

Here is also a list of international crisis support numbers: