Thank you for visiting Autumn Steps. I am Stephanie and I conduct therapy sessions online.

My Website

Access my website to find out more about me and Autumn Steps.

My Services

Here are the services that I provide through my private practice Autumn Steps.

My Journey with Burnout

Read about my personal experience with burnout.

My Interview on CARA Unmask

Find out more about my interview conducted by CARA Unmask. I spoke about mental health, my aspirations and offered a little bit of something about myself.

How We Coped with Covid19 at Home

Find out how I coped with Covid19 after my Italian partner and I came down with it after Boxing Day in Italy.

Find out about my ideas about self-love in this reflective article written by Clara How, Dayre.

I had the privilege of joining Clara, writer of this reflective article on Dayre, in an interview to discuss the construct of self-love. 
Offering the use of the word, “cherish”, Clara wrote a paragraph which reflected what I hope we all can practise more.