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Self-Care: I Cherish Me

Exercise self-care and practise #iCherishMe. I took a break recently at the end of August to exercise self-care: 6 days without intense doing, reading, planning, meeting clients. I gave my brain a vacation and my brain presented me with an epiphany, the idea to practise “I cherish me”. Without trying very hard, while I was …

Speaking about Trauma and Grief with Children

I recently collaborated with my friend from school, Wan Ching, to provided some information on the work of a counsellor and about mental health awareness. Using this opportunity, we decided to slant the interview to address feelings, in a way that is relatable to young children. The play discussed the intense bushfires in Australia and …

My Journey with Burnout

This post is about my personal journey with burnout: my symptoms, what I did to cope and the lessons I learnt. If you are struggling with burnout, you are not alone. Reach out, speak up.

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