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Doing Good Enough

Imagine how it feels like when you can end the workday feeling like you are doing good enough. When you can say in your mind “This is good enough” and your body embodies it, do you feel a sense of peace and contentment? I do. But it took me a long while to experience this…

Self-Care: I Cherish Me

Exercise self-care and practise #iCherishMe. I took a break recently at the end of August to exercise self-care: 6 days without intense doing, reading, planning, meeting clients. I gave my brain a vacation and my brain presented me with an epiphany, the idea to practise “I cherish me”. Without trying very hard, while I was…

Speaking about Trauma and Grief with Children

I recently collaborated with my friend from school, Wan Ching, to provided some information on the work of a counsellor and about mental health awareness. Using this opportunity, we decided to slant the interview to address feelings, in a way that is relatable to young children. The play discussed the intense bushfires in Australia and…

Emotional Experiencing of Leaving a Job

Leaving a job or position involves loss and transitioning. Loss and transitioning are stressful for us; the emotional experiencing of leaving a job can be intense. This post discussed my personal journey, the emotions that emerged and also suggested some ways to cope.

My Journey with Burnout

This post is about my personal journey with burnout: my symptoms, what I did to cope and the lessons I learnt. If you are struggling with burnout, you are not alone. Reach out, speak up.

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