Hello there. My name is Stephanie Lim. I’m a therapist from Singapore and I am an AOTT Qualified and Certified Online Practitioner. I conduct online counselling and training.

I am a Provisional Clinical Member of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) since obtaining my Masters of Counselling with Monash University in 2017. Investing my energy and time, I put in more than 120 hours and received accredited training for online counselling with the Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT). You can find me listed here.

Setting my sight on being recognised in the international community for online therapy, I worked hard to meet the requirements and core competencies and I’m proud to share that I am a Level 2 Professional Member with the Association of for Therapy and Counselling Online (ACTO).

As time-consuming and effortful as it was, I took up more professional development on top of my post-graduate studies to better hone my skills in conducting online counseling. I believe that is what’s needed to provide good quality clinical services using the online platform, in a safe, trustworthy and professional manner.

I have been working in mental health since 2009. Autumn Steps is my private practice that I decided to set up and register as a business in Singapore in January 2020. This chosen path focuses my resources on clinical work that energises me. Passionate about mental health, I created this website, not only for clients to reach me, but also to use writing as a source of inspiration for myself. It’s important to keep reading and thinking of ways to spread ideas about mental health and therapy.

I write posts here with the hope of generating more awareness about mental health issues, provide some tips for coping, based on my expertise and what I think could be helpful for the community.  By sharing here, I hope I can help boost your mental health and get you thinking more about your needs, whether that translates to taking action to seek personal therapy. Online counselling can be an accessible resource for you to grow and heal.

The process of starting and maintaining this website challenges and stimulates me – it’s tough to learn how to operate in this environment but I enjoy the journey of learning and growing. I’m happy to receive feedback on how I use this space, if you are willing to share. Peace out, lovelies.

Stephanie Lim Online Counselling AOTT Qualified and Certified
Stephanie Lim is an AOTT Qualified and Certified Online Practitioner.
Stephanie Lim Online Counselling Online Supervision
Stephanie Lim Autumn Steps trained in conducting supervision online.
Stephanie Lim Online Counselling ACTO Level 2
Stephanie Lim Autumn Steps Level 2 Professional member with ACTO