The meaning behind “Autumn Steps”.

It took me months of brainstorming to find a name for my practice. It was a frustrating yet exciting as I run through countless ideas in my mind, numerous themes, and also bugged some friends to help bounce off ideas. I found it essential to find a name that is significant and representative of my work; something that was suitable and hopefully relatable too. I finally decided on “Autumn Steps” and registered a business name in Singapore, and this name was newly accepted on in January 2020.

“Autumn” in Chinese is “秋” and it is a character you can find in my name. I have always liked the seasons spring and fall but I found myself especially drawn to the latter. Further readings about the symbolism of autumn/ fall made me decide to use it: autumn signifies change, maturity, harvest, withering and it has a melancholic vibe which I like. Many people see autumn as a sad phase in the year, and I thought it quite poetic and relatable for individuals feeling sad and helpless about change.

“Steps” signify journeying and I often see therapy as a form of journey with clients, as we seek direction and guidance together and move towards change one step at a time. It is also true that getting help and going through counselling is a difficult thing to do. I would akin it to preparing for a cold hard winter, expecting harsh winds and relentless bouts of darkness. The heartening thing is that as you take brave steps through the challenging climate, you would experience some warmth and compassion as I walk alongside you. You will go into this difficult winter and emerge into your version of spring.

On a side note, “Steps” is an annoying short form of my name Stephanie which some friends like to tease me with.

Therapists can’t run away from using themselves even as a tool in the session; our personal characteristics influence the way therapy is conducted and how rapport is formed. I hope “Autumn Steps” is also a good reminder for me to remain as authentic as I can, in my work.

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    1. Thank you! Well, I wouldn’t want my posts to substitute therapy (because somethings can be taken out of context, it undermines the profound struggle that people have to undergo when working on mental health issues etc etc ) but I sincerely think that there is much to share to get people to start taking care of their mental health. So thank you again for the encouragement and taking the time to read my posts!

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